Fundraising walk needs support: Walk Like a Refugee

Imagine, packing a bag —just what you can carry— leaving your home, and never going back. For so many, in countries ravaged by war, this is their reality. They set out from home, looking for a safe haven. It can be years to find one, the search as frought and disruptive as the war they left behind.

In recognition of this reality, leaving on May 8, 2018, the Bromstein-Jagers, Elizabeth, David and their five-year old daughter Kismet will be leaving their home in the West end of Toronto and walking to Niagara falls. Elizabeth Bromstein would is excited to talk to you about it. It will take approximately a week. They will be reporting from the road on Twitter (@walkrefugee), Facebook (@walk like a refugee) and Instagram (@walk_like_a_refugee).

They are walking to raise awareness and raise funds to help resettle a Syrian family in Toronto. They are walking as a tribute to the journey refugee families make to find safety.

This is the second time they will do it. In 2016, they raised $12,000 to bring the Fattal family to Toronto, as part of a neighbourhood group supported the newcomers. This year they are reuniting a family, bringing Mrs. Fattal’s sister and her husband, who left the war in Syria many years ago but have not found peace.

With the Westside Refugee Response, David and Elizabeth have raised the funds necessary to qualify for the federal private sponsorship program, but they continue to raise funds. “We are fundraising because Toronto is just that expensive, but at the same time there are great resources for newcomers and a supportive community,” explains Bromstein. Any remaining funds will go to Matthew House, a shelter system for asylum seekers arriving in Canada.

This is a subject Liz and her family are passionate about. Visit for more details, including fundraising information. Liz can discuss what it's like to sponsor a family as well as the broader issues facing refugees.

The Fattal family has been incredibly successful, starting and running a catering company covered in the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, and The Star. For media coverage visit:

If you’d like to chat further or if you’d like to set up a time for in interview please don’t hesitate contact me at

Fundraising walk needs support: Walk Like a Refugee

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