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Alright fam, let's not kid ourselves: 2016 FUCKING SUCKED.

From David Bowie, to Alan Rickman, to Harper Lee, to Prince, to Gordie Howe, to Miss Cleo, to Leonard Cohen, to Sharon Jones, to fucking Harambe... yeah, let's all get real for a sec and admit this year has been a pile of flaming garbage. But we will not despair! Alas, against all odds, there is a silver lining! *GASP*

...Track & Field is hosting the biggest/most epic/most hilarious bash to celebrate the birth of 2017 - complete with an RIP 2016 countdown, a complimentary daiquiri toast at midnight, a double DJ dance party, baller champagne giveaways, cocktails on tap, free bocce and free shuffleboard, no dumb dress code, and last but not least… selfies with Harambe (definitely not someone dressed up like Harambe).

In summary, let's all get lit and give one collective finger to the worst year ever. Don't delay, buy a ticket today, before something else really terrible happens. Sigh.

Get your ticket here:


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