Free Lemonade and Signed Photos of John Stamos

In the social wasteland that is Toronto, a single annual event serves as an oasis for those with good sense and refined taste. It is an occasion known as Free Lemonade and Signed Photos of John Stamos* - and it's set to return on Saturday, August the 9th.

So join us in Dufferin Grove Park on this auspicious date to hobnob with the city's cultural elite at an affair so elegant and sophisticated that it makes the Academy Awards look like a two-bit turkey-greasing contest. The lemonade will flow like a river of golden nectar and the photos of John Stamos will be signed with such reckless fervour, that someone is bound to develop carpal tunnel syndrome by the end of the day! Yes, you can take home a picture and think to yourself, “I was indirectly responsible for the onset of someone's chronic neuropathic condition.” And how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel good? Sexy? Ready to take on the world and howl at the moon like a crazed animal just waiting to break out of your cage and live for once damnit?! That's exactly what Free Lemonade and Signed Photos of John Stamos* is all about and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Saturday, August 9 from 1 to 4 PM

Rain Date: Sunday, August 10th


Presented by the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club

*As always, photos will be signed by an individual who is not John Stamos, has no relation to Mr. Stamos, and does not bear any particular physical resemblance to the celebrity in question (the aforementioned John S.)

Free Lemonade and Signed Photos of John Stamos

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