Finding Refuge: Breathwork Experience

Join a supportive community for an evening of deep reconnection with your true self.

Finding refuge is about creating space to explore your confidence and self-nurturing, hidden behind expectations, trauma and the busy-ness of life. During this profound session, we will tap a little deeper into the meditation and mindfulness practice to combine the power of breath with fundamental integration practices.

Participants will walk away with tools and confidence to embrace a happier state of mind.

What is Breathwork:

Breathwork is an ancient modality connecting body, mind and heart. It allows people to process trapped emotions and trauma stored in the body for years.

Helps with life challenges and growth:

Stress is proven to cause numerous physical and mental disturbances and create reactivity that affects our self-esteem, relationships and overall well-being. Stressors create habitual survival mechanisms that with time may turn into harmful habits affecting our health, relationships and professional development,

Breathwork is a safe modality that helps with anxiety, stress, depression, and difficult emotions. It is a technique and an essential part of an integration or spiritual journey.

Benefits of Group Sessions:

When breathwork is experienced in a group setting, the collective energy has exponential healing capacity.


The breathwork session lasts 1.5-2h and consists of meditation, dance and active breathing, closing with integration techniques, including art, sharing circle and individual reflections.

Breathing is our most sacred medicine and connection with life. It is the gift from Creation that we take first and leave last with our Earthly journey.In Part 2, we will work with themes that have come up for the group and your unique challenges and how to overcome, embrace and widen the awareness.



Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality | Meditation and Yoga


General Admission: CAD 55.00

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Finding Refuge: Breathwork Experience

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