Final Frontier

Boldly going to the far reaches of the galaxy… but usually arriving just after all of the action has gone down, the U.S.S. Gordon-Levitt is home to a loveably ragtag team: a human raised by Klingons, a self-consciously holographic doctor, a middling empath, a wholly-conflicted half-Vulcan, and a captain in the mold of all of the great leaders from the Star Trek universe - only, a little less great and a whole lot funnier.

Final Frontier encourages the audience of new ensigns to participate and affect the outcome of the crew's increasingly thrilling adventures.

Tickets: $12/$10 students

Starring: Etan Muskat, Alastair Forbes, Jess Bryson, Craig Anderson & Liz Johnston with Stephanie Malek & Special Guest Michal Grajewski

Directed by: Etan Muskat

Produced by: Stephanie Malek

Final Frontier

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