Festival of India

The Festival of India has taken place in Toronto for over 50 years, yet its rich history actually stems from thousands of years of tradition and heritage. The festival begins with a vibrant parade down Yonge Street in which three giant floats are hand-pulled by thousands of attendees and spectators amidst melodious singing, chanting, drumming, and dancing.

Everyone is invited to come, walk, chant, sing or dance in the parade. Celebrations then continue throughout the weekend.

Center Island

After the parade on Yonge, Festival of India celebrations continue for the remainder of the weekend at Centre Island. Festival attendees will be treated to a sumptuous and FREE vegetarian feast along with a host of other family-friendly activities, including:

a massive, outdoor tented pavilion

experience a guided tour of festival

acclaimed music, dance, & drama performances – Arts & Culture

a bustling South Asian Bazaar – Vendors

intriguing exhibits on ancient spiritual culture and heritage

traditional face-painting

Enlivening and thought-provoking discussions on current-day topics based on timeless wisdom – Seminars & QA

an outdoor yoga festival – Yoga Meltdown

The festival is open to and free for the all. With its diverse assortment of celebrations and activities, Festival of India at Centre Island is sure to offer something for everyone!

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