Feast In The East 56 featuring Bile Sister, Dorothea Paas, Eyeballs, Cupcake Ductape

FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music, food, & installation series.

This month features a free dinner by Zoe Solomon & Katie Jensen

Music by:

BILE SISTER (https://bilesister.bandcamp.com/)

Julie Riech & David Jones' mix pounding electronics, industrial textures, & warped synthesizers to produce dissonant anthems. Julie's vocals ripple across tense yet monotonous rhythms. Synth tones crackle & glitch underneath static encased drum machine samples. Amidst the oppressive marches pop sensibilities ooze through, electonics sound like huge plastic bubbles being dribbled like they're in Space Jam.

DOROTHEA PAAS (https://dorotheapaas.bandcamp.com/)

Rough guitars jangle amidst their clunky distortion. Dorothea's voice floats over prodding drum patterns & wailing sludgy guitar textures, almost dissconnected. Her vocals reminiscent of 70's Joni Mitchell influenced outsider folk, carry an emotional weight hidden by their untouchable essence. Juxatpositioned over some early 90's sludge shred burn out intrumentation, Dorothea Paas is the perfect marriage of etherial implication & languid application.

EYEBALLS (https://eyeballsmusic.bandcamp.com/)

Jenn Kitagawa & Britton Proulx's new duo Eyeballs create some of the best blasting synth shred noise rock to be birthed in Toronto for quite sometime. Sounding something like a bunch of Godzilla movies blended into a vocoder, laden with tv static & toy alarm sound bites. Groovey danceable elements mingles with blistering, warped synth tones to create the perfect music for the modern degenerate socialite.

CUPCAKE DUCTAPE (https://cupcakeductape.bandcamp.com/)

Guelph based post riot grrl, stripped down punk duo have an air of youthfull innocence. Their music though simplistic with thick bass lines & repetative drum patterns, contains more than the sum of it's parts. Alanna Gurr & Steph Yates have a creeping sense of humour & a way of delivering exactly what is necessary musically without any fat. Their music is almost timeless, sounding like it could have been on some lost 7" unearthed from 30 years ago, or made yesterday.

Environs by Kirsten Webb

All Ages!

$10 Adv at Circus Books And Music, Cask Music, Soundscapes and Rotate This

$12 at the door

FREE dinner with adv ticket!

Feast In The East 56 featuring Bile Sister, Dorothea Paas, Eyeballs, Cupcake Ductape

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