Feast In The East 38: Jennifer Castle Eucalyptus Michael Mucci & Ben Grossman Thom Gill

FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music food & installation series.

This month features a free dinner by Brandon Lim & Dim Ulch.

Music by:

JENNIFER CASTLE http://www.flemisheye.com/jennifer-castle

Torontos own psych-folk singer/songwriter lets her beautiful warm vocals flow like a blanket flow over gentle erie guitar work. Creeping piano notes ripple like water droplets under Jennifer Castles lyrics, like little dreams being sent off into the night. Music to listen to by the campfire, quiet hymns full of complex emotion. In the spirit of the cannon, but embodying something more mystic. Come get quiet with this celestial soul.

EUCALYPTUS http://lornarecords.blogspot.ca/p/preview-of-upcoming-album-titled.html

Brodie West's adventure in avant jazz is accompanied by a who's who of Toronto avant whatever odd ball scene, including guitarist Alex Lukashevsky, trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud, pianist Ryan Driver, drummer Nick Fraser, bassist Mike Smith Muskox and percussionist Blake Howard. Pulling from a variety of worlds, music traditions & a generally buoyant feeling of love & harmony, Eucalyptus are the perfect band to have playing on the pool side patio at your palatial Caribbean estate. Alternatively they are also pretty nice band to see play on a lovely June evening at Feast In The East.

MICHAEL MUCCI & BEN GROSSMAN http://mmucci.com/album/dangerous-summer-2

Guelph power duo of Michael Mucci guitar & Ben Grossman hurdy gurdy create a beautiful web of rich string sounds. Finger picked guitar notes glisten over a bed of glowing hurdy gurdy work. Organic, warm compositions grown in the roots of a folk tradition, but assembled with a contemporary movement. Their interplay grows from a tangled concoction into a spacious new world, almost timid at times. Birth & then rebirth. Don't miss a rare opportunity to see some of Guelph's most compelling movers & shakers.

THOM GILL http://isthisthomas.bandcamp.com/

Avant pop sensation Thom Gill is like Active Surplus, you never know whatcha gonna find! Smoothed out pop songs and raw emotion spread almost too thin over delicate guitar work. Thom blurs the line between pop and the avant-garde by re-inventing the cliches and turning them into something all his own without ever. His voice is like silk whispers that can become alien at any minute. A bizarre un-touchable oddness lingers in his perfectly composed post-smooth pop songs, begging you to dig deeper. The Production is good, the live vibe is even better!

Environs by Andrew Finlay Stewart

All Ages!

$8 Adv at Circus Books & Music, The Film Buff, Cask Music, Soundscapes and Grasshopper Records

$10 at the door

FREE dinner with adv ticket!

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Feast In The East 38: Jennifer Castle Eucalyptus Michael Mucci & Ben Grossman Thom Gill

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