FAR AWAY by Caryl Churchill - Featured in the Best of Fringe

Far Away, an End-of-the-World “bedtime story” is one of Churchill’s grittiest, most prophetic, political tales that combines apocalyptic imagery with humour and intellect. A young girl asks about what she has seen in the middle of the night and learns it is “part of a big movement to make things better”. Years later, love grows between her and a worker while their artistry contributes to a world where people, animals and rivers are at war. A cautionary tale that rings especially true in today’s political climate.

"Performed with impeccable precision" - NOW Magazine, NNNN, Critic's PIck

"You don’t get a production this solid without a high-order vision for how it’s going to unfold." - Mooney on Theatre

"A remarkable production" - Life With More Cowbell

"Such an exquisite show" Martha Ross, Founder, Common Boots Theatre

"Incredibly compelling performances" - My Entertainment World

Named a "Top Ticket" in the Toronto Star


July 20th, 7pm

July 26th, 9pm

July 27th, 9pm

For Tickets: http://www.tocentre.com/events/far-away


Playwright: Caryl Churchill

Director: Megan Watson

Choreographer: Patricia Allison

Harper: Alix Sideris

Joan: Michela Cannon

Todd: Michael Ayres

Set/Costume Design: Sorcha Gibson

Lighting Design: Chris Malkowski

Sound Design: Kathy Anderson

Stage Manager: Tamara Vuckovic

Producer: Eva Barrie