Fancy Ride; Or How I Fell in Love with Classical Music

Dust off your penny-farthings. Iron your suits and dresses – on October 23rd, Toronto will be hosting its’ first Fancy Ride, a phantasmagoric DIY Classical music group ride.

Please join us at Bellevue Square in Kensington Market, as will be serenaded by live classically trained performers. As we embark on our ride, en masse, a pre-set playlist on portable speakers will underscore our journey, and at every stop, a new solo instrumentalist will perform.

A $5 suggested donation is requested to pay our fantastic musicians – all proceeds go directly into their pockets. If you cannot pay, the experience is on us.

Please note: due to the nature of this event, it is entirely dependent on good weather. Please stay posted!


What you need to bring:

*Formal Wear – suits, dresses, vests, tuxes, bow ties, monocles, and the like. It never hurts to be the sharpest dressed person at the party. (Or whatever makes YOU feel fancy)

*Your fanciest bike

*A picnic blanket to sit on at stops

*Tea? Biscuits to share, perhaps?

*Spare tubes and patch kit in case of flats

*All Your Friends


If you cannot make it to our first stop in time, do not fret! Follow Bike Rave on Twitter for live tweets of our location on the day of:

Post your social experiences with the hashtag:


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