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New works by MINZ

Pamenar is pleased to introduce Dr. Chris Minz as its next artists in the Balcony Art Series curated by Rafi Ghanaghounian of Keep Six Exhibits

Opening reception: Thursday June 12, 7-10pm artist will be present

Duration of exhibition: June 12-29, 2014

Location: Caf Pamenar, 307 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market, Toronto.

Minz's non-stop Facebook profile drawings have lead to this collection of painting/prints. What started years ago as 7 minute profile drawings, one per day, resulted in this face within a face within a face within a face within a facebook style. This show is the result of excess creative urges and overexposure to the cartoon universe. They represent a life of too many faces, the endless internal wiggling of Minz's artsy urges.

" I like to draw fast and dirty weird, its thats simple. It became a compulsive habit with Facebook profile cartoonery and doing it daily suddenly this flowing face style started to surprise and amuse me hence you continue with the flow. "

About Dr. Chris Minz

Dr. Chris Minz has been working in the animation art biz as a music video director, animator, storyboard artist, and general cartoon kook. Cartoonery has thoroughly infected his art and mind. Coming soon from Minz will be his excessively auteurist feature length weirdo comedy oddity, THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR. An excessively dense Feature Film featuring 10 daring actors and snippets of the cartoonery that Minz does. Mor

For further details and sales information please contact: Rafi Ghanaghpounian at rafi@keep6.ca



F5! F. F. F. F. F.

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