Drunk Hamlet

Dauntless City Theatre is back as Drunk Shakespeare turns 5 with DRUNK HAMLET! It's the most important play in Western theatre, but with one very stupid twist...

Two brave actors step up to play the melancholy Dane like you've never seen before, drinking everything in sight while the rest of the cast holds it all together, ending in an irresponsibly complicated swordfight.

Two nights only: April 20 & 21, at Toronto's Wychwood Theatre. The bar is open before, during, and after the show so you can keep up with Hamlet.

Starring, as Drunk Hamlet, Kit Boulter April 20 and Naya Guzman April 21.

Co-starring the sober talents of:

Genevieve Adam as Gertrude

Uche Ama as Rosencrantz/Priest

Eric Benson as Horatio

Jessie Fraser as Polonius/Gravedigger

Annelise Hawrylak as Ophelia

Christopher Mott as Ghost/Player King/Gravedigger

Scott Emerson Moyle as Claudius

Jordi O'Dael as Guildenstern/Osric

Kevin Matthew Wong as Laertes/Player Queen

and featuring Nathaniel Kinghan as Yorick

Stage Managed by Stevie Baker

Poster by Dahlia Katz

please do not try to keep up with Hamlet.

Drunk Hamlet

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