Doc spotlight: Female representation in media @ Bloorcourt Screen Shot

We are proud to present an evening of documentaries at the February edition of the Bloorcourt Screen Shot. As always, screenings are followed by a Question & Answer period with the filmmakers.

BODY TYPED - A series of 3 short films by Jesse Epstein.


Short Subject Jury Award, Sundance Film Festival

When Dee-Dee the barber learns about the art of photo retouching, he may never look at his wall of beauty the same way again.


Best Short Film, Newport International Film Festival

A dancers hilarious story about his prominent nose and the effect if has on his career.

3. 34x25x36

SXSW Premiere, National PBS Broadcast on POV

Mannequins, perfection, and religion.

followed by:

AGENCY - a documentary film by Meredith Wright that follows young Western women struggling to work as models in Osakas unforgiving fashion market. The film features two protagonists, Marta, a hardened twenty-year-old from Estonia and Holly a wide-eyed thirteen-year-old from Ottawa. Both stories intersect as Holly enters the world that Marta knows all too well.

Q & A with the filmmaker following the screenings.

More on the filmmakers:

JESSE ERICA EPSTEIN is a Sundance Award-Winning documentary filmmaker. She received an MA in Documentary Film from NYU, and was named one of 25 filmmakers to watch by Filmmaker Magazine.

MEREDITH WRIGHT is a documentary filmmaker, editor, and videographer based in Toronto, Ontario.

Wrights experience as a model contributes to the films sensitivity as the young models oscillate between newfound independence and heart-breaking vulnerability.


Doc spotlight: Female representation in media @ Bloorcourt Screen Shot

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