Discover Your Personal Brand Conference

Have you ever felt 'lost' as a leader?

Are you trying to forge a corporate career path that makes sense for you?

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to find your voice?

Are you a student who wants to make sure you have chosen the right academic path?

Then you MUST understand what your Personal Brand is and how to leverage it in your personal, professional and academic lives. This event is just for you!

Just look at the line-up we have to help you forge an authentic leadership path of passion and purpose.

Some of our Speakers:

• Alfredo Tan - Facebook Canada, Group Director, Global Marketing

• Nathan Downer - Anchor at CP24

• Bobby Umar - 4x TEDx Speaker, Author & HuffPost contributor - Raeallan

• Darrell Keezer - CEO at Candybox Marketing

• Marina Piccioni - Marketing Manager at Hudson's Bay Company

• Fahad Meer - Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers

• Nicholas Kusmich - Strategic Consultant for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs at Everyday Prosperity Inc

• Corey Herscu - Technology Publicist | Journalist TV Personality at HerscuPR

• Ryan Coelho - Personal Development Specialist at

• Katia Millar - Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer at Positive Fabulous Women

• Don Sagarese - Founder at On The Move catering

To be selected for increasingly responsibly positions, you must harness your personal brand. Your personal brand, the impression you project, can be managed much like a corporate brand. Personal branding leadership is the positioning strategy behind the world’s most successful people. The art of personal brand leadership is what keeps senior managers moving up the ladder.


Discover Your Personal Brand Conference

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