Disabilty Arts Showcase: Crip Magic and Revolutionary Love!

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Disabilty Arts Showcase: Crip Magic and Revolutionary Love!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Join the Performance. Disability. Art PDA Collective in celebrating sick and disabled queer brilliance and revolutionary love. This evening of performance and video will feature: Tamyka Bullen, Melanie G. Campbell, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Syrus Marcus Ware and more!

We are thrilled to be part of The Artist Newsstand! We are very excited about bringing art and activism together to celebrate....and call for the need for accessible transit options in Toronto!

We will be meeting at Broadview subway station at 6:45 for a procession to Chester Subway. Broadview is an accessible station. We will head east on Danforth to Chester subway about 3.5 blocks. The TTC is -on a stop by stop basis- creating accessible subway stations. Wheelchair and scooter users and folks who have pain and mobility challenges often have to hopscotch across Toronto to try and use the few accessible stations available. Chester Subway is one of the many inaccessible stations waiting transformation.

As a result, we want to meet in solidarity at Broadview station, one stop away and fully accessible, and walk/roll together to the Newsstand. We want to arrive together to the performance, fully of love, solidarity and resistance.

Planning how we will get to where were going is a part of our experiences of art and performance in Toronto- yet it is often invisiblized. No longer! We welcome everyone to join us in this experience.

Bring art, posters, flyers about disabled resistance and resilience. We will walk/roll at an accessible pace, on the sidewalk, and have cars/ vans available for folks who cannot walk three and a half blocks.

You can also just meet us at Chester Station at 7:00!

Once we reach The Artist Newsstand we will share some video, performance and ASL poetry. Participate in an evening of crip public love with lots of PDA: Performance! Disability! Art!

Access info:

Please join us for the procession see above, or meet us directly at the station.

Nearest accessible station:

Broadview 3 blocks west of Chester avenue. Pape is also accessible, about 4 blocks east of Chester. The doors to the station have no push buttons but we can have volunteers on doors to make sure that they are propped open or someone can be there to open them.

If you are planning to take ttc directly to Chester, there are about 30 stairs from the platform to street level. There are escalators that go in an upwards direction, also.

Once you arrive at Chester station, the newsstand performances will be on level ground, street level.

There are no public washrooms at the station-FYI.

The performances will have sound, and we are in the process of confirming ASL interpretation.

There will be some video work, all captioned.

This project is made possible by support from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

Disabilty Arts Showcase: Crip Magic and Revolutionary Love!

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