Damn Fine Party

We're throwing a damn fine party and you're invited.

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 at The Gla... err... Great Northern Hotel.

And that's all you need to know, nothing else going on here, certainly nothing foul.

You've stumbled upon a small, kitschy town stuck in the 1990s. It seems perfectly normal, but that's precisely what a small town with secrets would feel like.

The Fall Fair is in full swing, but this year nobody cares about the pumpkin ribbons or the cherry pie eating contest. Instead, everyone's asking, "who killed the prom queen?" The diner is serving damn fine coffee, there's music playing in every nook and cranny, but none of this covers up what's lurking beneath the police tape.

The secretary from the Sheriff's Office released a statement that, "everything is fine, under control, and we're close to finding the elusive killer. All townsfolk should go about with their Fall Fair activities. Once the sheriff hands his findings over to the FBI, everything will go back to normal..."

The secretary released a follow up statement: "Shoot! We weren't supposed to inform you that the FBI are on their way to investigate and that everyone in town is a suspect in the death of our beloved prom queen."

The police tape is just a formality, different groups in the town are rallying together, taking matters into their own hands. The town is buzzing with cherry scented secrets, whispers and rumours. Whether we find the culprit or not, the damn fine party is precisely turning into just that: daaaaaaamn fine.

For more precise updates from the Sherrif's office (like, where you should be and when on the night of October 27th) please keep your eye on your email and text messages.

Until the 27th.... we'll see you in our dreams.


Q: So, I've bought a ticket, now what?

A: You'll be sent an email and/or text (days leading up to the event) with a secret location (near the hotel) and a specific meeting time. Trust that time, even if it seems off.

Q: Can I dress up in costume?

A: Yes! Please! It's Halloween!

Q: Do I HAVE to dress up in costume?

A: No. Dress however you feel most comfortable.

Q: I've never watched Twin Peaks, will I enjoy / understand what the hell is happening?

A: Twin Peaks is a TV show from the 1990s, if you were alive in this decade, you will appreciate this party. This is a Twin Peaks inspired event, therefore, hopefully, no one should know what the hell is happening -- neither you or the die hard fans.

Q: Is this party at the Gladstone? Why did I get an email/text to meet somewhere else?

A: Shhh (yes, obviously it's at the Gladstone) but to make for a fun start, we're going to meet near the Gladstone first.

Q: Will this be an accessible venue? I have questions. Who do I talk to?

A: The Gladstone Hotel does its best to be an accessible space. There is a wheelchair ramp to access the building and accessible bathrooms. The elevator can accommodate most wheelchairs, with a maximum width of 27 inches. If you plan to attend the event and have accessibility requirements, please email us at maddie@gladstonehotel in advance and we'll be happy to discuss this further with you.

Q: Is this a murder mystery, escape room, or halloween dance party?

A: To be honest, it will be a beautiful tangle of all three with an emphasis on party!

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?

A: Nope, sorry. At midnight you can pay at the door to join the dance, but if you want the full experience of our damn fine party, you gotta get a ticket in advance! We'll be at max capacity so it's important to show up with a ticket.

Q: Can I leave at any time?

A: Sure, but you'll miss out on some stuff. The narrative experience lasts for 2 hours, but the dancing will continue until 2am.

Q: Do I have to eat beforehand?

A: Up to you. There is a full working diner menu until 10pm.

Q: Can I drink?

A: Obviously! It's a party!? We'll even have a special damn fine coffee that we insist you try.

Q: Will I be separated from my group of people?

A: Certainly not, (only if you want to be). Really though, you're all in this together.

Q: What is lost&gone?

A: We take over spaces and make immersive worlds that you can play in as little or as much as you like. Check us out: www.lostandgone.ca

Q: I bought a ticket, can I just show up at like 11pm?

A: Sure - again, you'll miss some of the fun, but if that time works best for come then and join the party!

Q: Is this scary / I'm really bad with jump scares.

A: We can guarantee that there are no jump scares / intentional ways of scaring you senseless. At the most, you'll be mildly to moderately creeped out by the surrealist world we're creating. But honestly, what small town isn't creepy AF? This is not a haunted or horrifying. There's only one dead girl and, by God, we're gonna figure out who killed her!

Damn Fine Party

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