This course will track the musical development of the Beatles, starting from the earliest days in Liverpool, moving through the excitement of Beatlemania, the rush of psychedelia, and the maturity of their studio years. While the focus will be on the music, we will also consider how recording techniques, the music business, the music of other artists, and the larger culture of the 1960s affected John, Paul, George, and Ringo as they created their classic works. Experience the world’s greatest band as you’ve never seen—and heard—them before.

This course is lead by Dr. Mike Daley, who has taught music at Guelph, McMaster, Waterloo and York Universities. His scholarly articles on American popular music have appeared in international journals and he has spoken at academic conferences from Normandy to Nashville. A professional guitarist and singer, Mike has performed and recorded widely, and leads music-themed tours to New York, Nashville, St. John's and New Orleans.

Doors will open one hour before the first class. Registrants will receive supplementary materials in advance of their first class. 6-Week Course: $63 (Members: $54, $42, Free) - SUBSCRIBE NOW

Single Class: $20 (Members: $17, $14, Free)

THU, JAN 12 – FEB 16, 10:00 AM


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