Crush Camp! W/ DJ MOTHERS July 26th

CrushTO celebrates summer with a hot and heavy Camp night. Think: sneaking out of your bunk and stumbling upon a queer sex positive dance party featuring deep and dirty bass.

#CrushTO is a flirty event series for hot, nerdy people who want to make sex-positive like-minded friends. An invitation for any and all: hetero, homo, queer, trans, kinky, lesbian, gay, vanilla, bi, flexible, poly, and open minded young people or young at heart. The event is for everyone, regardless of gender, race, relationship status or sexual preferences. Seriously. Come meet us. We want to meet you! Learn more at!services/component71401

Cover: $10


Sex Positivity is the future- an inclusive, supportive, and non-judgmental way in which all forms of gender, bodies, sexualities, and expressions are not only accepted, but loved and celebrated.


Hula Hoopers

Private booths to get hot and heavy in consensually

We aim to make #CrushTO a safer space for all, enforced by an astounding team from Club 120 and designated Safety People who, along with your hosts Jesse, Caitlin and Khadeja, want to do our darndest to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

Just a note & friendly reminder:

Any bad or unwelcome behavior will NOT be tolerated, and we will not hesitate to take action and remove someone from the party if they can't behave. Simple.

Please visit our Code Of Conduct before attending an Id Tap That event:!mission-statement/cddc

Sex positivity is an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. The sex-positive movement is a social and philosophical movement that advocates these attitudes. The sex-positive movement advocates sex education and safer sex as part of its campaign. The movement makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual activities, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference.

Sex Positive does not mean "down for sex with anyone" or that it's okay for you to make others feel uncomfortable. Always ask, never assume.

A note on accessibility- This venue is only accessible via a long staircase. Puppy Love - is hosted at a FULLY ACCESSIBLE venue!!

Hosted by Caitlin & Jesse of I'd Tap That

Crush Camp! W/ DJ MOTHERS July 26th

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