Clifford in 35mm (Martin Short appreciation day)

Doors @ 7:00
Best of Martin Short pre-show @ 7:30
Feature presentation @ 8:00

On March 26th, The Royal Cinema celebrates Canadian icon Martin Short on his 69th birthday with a rare 35mm screening of CLIFFORD, his tragically misunderstood masterpiece.

In a performance reminiscent of Robert Mitchum in Night Of The Hunter, Short strikes a tone more psychological-thriller than comedic to portray Clifford, a disturbed 10-year child (he was 44 at the time) hellbent on visiting the majestic “Dinosaur World” theme park. Hatching a devious scheme to break free from his tormented parents, Clifford lands on the doorstep of his estranged Uncle Martin (Charles Grodin), who he coerces into taking to his dream park. When Uncle Martin’s loyalty is questioned, Clifford attempts to drive his hapless uncle insane and steal the heart of his soon-to-be-Aunt, Miss Sarah Davis (Mary Steenburgen). It all comes to an electrifying showdown aboard the rollercoaster “Larry The Scary Rex” in a harrowing suspense sequence that would make even Hitchcock tremble.

This screening will be preceded by The Martin Short Career Appreciation Pre-Show at 7:30, featuring a video compilation of the greatest Martin Short clips and videos. The bar will be open!

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Clifford in 35mm (Martin Short appreciation day)

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