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Chroma Lives


An exhibition and archive project by Erin Alexa Freedman & Lili Huston-Herterich


Artists’ talk with ChromaZone (Andy Fabo, Oliver Girling, & Rae Johnson), beginning at 6:30 PM


June 1 – 30, 2016

Monday – Friday, 1 – 6 PM


Joshua Brolly

Connor Crawford

Laura Dawe

Mike Goldby

Heather Goodchild

Oliver Husain

Tim Jocelyn

Laurie Kang

Jeremy Laing

Brittany MacDougal

Tammy McClennan

Pasha Moezzi

Manden Murphy

Roula Partheniou

Shakeel Rehemtulla & @Dynasty

Wanze Song

Kristian Spreen

Brad Tinmouth

Chroma Lives is a performative exploration of Toronto’s 1983 exhibition Chromaliving: New Designs for Living. Chromaliving, curated by the late artist Tim Jocelyn, Andy Fabo, and the figurative painting collective ChromaZone, was staged in a vacant retail space in Toronto’s Bloor Street Colonnade. Featuring 150 artists, Chromaliving took the form of a hallucinogenic home décor show, with imaginative room environments parading influential artistic movements and commercial enterprises of the twentieth century. The labyrinth-like setting of domestic room displays deliberately challenged the hierarchies of fine over applied art and design, making gentle parodies of both.

Chroma Lives calls attention to the individuals behind the furnishings and the subsequent generations of Canadian artists who work in this vein. For the month of June, Chroma Lives will remobilize Chromaliving’s formula for theatricalizing domestic space by staging a workspace in the sales centre of the new Yorkville Plaza at 21 Avenue Road—a few blocks away from the Colonnade—filling it with furnishings by contemporary Toronto-based artists and designers. The site will function both as a public exhibition space and an oral history hub where the curators will conduct recorded interviews with Chromaliving participants, spectators, and critics. Archival documentation will be collected in conjunction with oral testimonies, allowing subjective histories to determine the course of data collection. The project will culminate in an online digital archive following the event.

Commissioned by Dutch arts organization If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution in conjunction with their programming edition Event and Duration, Chroma Lives is presented in partnership with Camrost Felcorp, and supported by the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts.

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Chroma Lives

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