Castles in the Sky 2014

Photo by Roger Cullman

On July 7th 2007, we invited you to join us for a massive renegade parade through Bloor Street, the subway and the waterfront. We were accompanied by marching bands, soundsystem buses, fireworks and a thousand shiny, happy people. This summer, we're doing it again.

Meet us at a soon-to-be-announced location, with bells on and wings, and silly hats, and balloons, and noise-makers, and glowing lights, and costumes. We will guide our roving band of merrymakers through and below the streets of Toronto, finally finishing at a mystery location and a new kind of transportation we've never partied in before ;

We will take things over, dance in strange places, make a lot of noise, and have tons of fun.


Costume or amazing outfit

Subway token or MetroPass

$7 exact change. You'll see why!

Want to get involved? E-mail

Everybody else, please invite your friends : 3