Card-yard at BIG on Bloor Festival 2014

Card-Yard seeks to present interactive projects stations by artists, architects, poets and social activists, community organizations to create a participation village specifically for Bloordales BIG on Bloor Festival.



To become an Activity Programmer at Card Yard 2014, please fill out the Activity Proposal on the following pages and submit it to by May 11. Activities should be:

interactive, participative and free

open to all Card Yard participants

family-friendly appropriate for the all-ages mix that

will be present

pop-up in nature quickly and easily set up and

taken down by you

suited for an outdoor festival

self-contained minimum or no need for power

supply, water etc.

Card Yard is a great way to introduce your organization or brand to a large and diverse audience in a fun and informal setting. As an Activity Programmer you will have access to a free space and pavilion at Card Yard and exposure to festival-goers on both days of the festival.


Please fill in the following items

Organization Name:

Organization Website:

Organization Address:

Contact Person Full Name:

Contact Person Phone Number:

Contact Person Email:

What type of activity do you wish to lead?

Physical activity





Summarize the activity that you wish to lead:

Submit your proposal to Michelle Senayah at by Sunday, May 25.


Card-yard is looking for designers, artists, and architects to showcase their skills and create outdoor installations and pavilions out of reclaimed materials. Last year PULP created 8 pavilions out of cardboard tubes and this year we are hoping to elaborate on that experience. Suggested materials include cardboard tubes, discarded wood, trees that fell in the storm, thrown furniture, or any other materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill or recycling centre. We are also looking for volunteers to help with our own construction process.

Pavilions need to offer shade and protection from rain and be safe no rusty nails or sharp corners and aesthetically pleasing. Safety is a major concern as children will be running around these structures. Pavilions should be 3X3 meters to accommodate activities by our programmers in them and be fully habitable. We may be able to connect activity programmers with pavilion designers.

Art installations need to be safe, aesthetically pleasing, plus offer some kind of interaction to visitors. This can be a large game or activity in itself up to the artist. Another type of art which will be welcomed is street planters out of reclaimed materials.

To volunteer or apply to create something at our festival, please email us at by Sunday, May 25.

Card-yard at BIG on Bloor Festival 2014

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