Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week (CMW), one of the nation’s largest new music festivals, is thrilled to announce the programming for its 42nd festival. Scheduled for June 1-8, 2024, the festival promises a dynamic range of music with over 250+ acts in over 25 venues in Toronto.

The 2024 Canadian Music Week festival showcase lineup includes:

Walk Of The Earth, Testpilot, Charlotte Day Wilson, Dallas Smith, Jauz, Finger Eleven, Tekno, Allie X, KILLY, Christone "Kingfish" Ingram, Devon Cole, MICO, Taylor Acorn, Rosie, Inzo, Lola Brooke, The Anti-Queens, Katie Tupper, Hannah Wants, Softcult, K Motionz, Com Truise, Nate Haller, Yaya Bey, Durry, Bleeker, Boeckner, Peter Raffoul, Aviv, Venbee, Charlie Edward, Altameda, Leila Day, Morgan St Jean, Saya Gray, Ouri, Frances Whitney, Harm & Ease, Ethan Surmen, Havelin, Eric Punzo, Niiva, Charmaine, Living Room For Small, Boston Levi, Revive The Rose, Cold Weather Captains, Lucy Ellis, Adam Rodway, Brett Matthews, Bradon Thomas Dougherty, Tilsen, Brdgs, Tallies, Seventh Dose, Francis Of Delirium, Blunt Chunks, Brutal Youth, and many more.

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