Canadian International Air Show

Canadian International Air Show

Celebrating 65 Years of Man’s Ingenuity & Aviation History

TORONTO – August 2014 – It is human nature to marvel at the wonders of flight. As children we watch birds soar as they fly above our heads. We look to the skies at the first sound of an aircraft. It matters little to us if it is a jet or a glider. It is the fascination of flight.

For 65 years, the Canadian International Air Show has been a source of awe and inspiration in satisfying the marvel of flight for millions of enthusiasts annually. The sounds of the past and present will again transform the skies over Toronto as we welcome the 65th annual Canadian International Air Show to the shores of Lake Ontario. The 2014 Canadian International Air Show promises to have something for everyone.

Get ready to be amazed as the CF-18 HORNET rips through the skies over Lake Ontario this Labour Day weekend! Showcasing the jet’s unbelievable maneuverability, combat capabilities and overall sky-power, the crowd-favourite Hornet fighter will ‘sting’ you amazed with its thrilling demo!

The C-123 Provider, known as the, 'Thunder Pig,' lives up to its name! Big and loud, this cargo aircraft is famous not only for its historical aviation background as a military heavy-lift airplane with STOL capabilities; it's a Hollywood favourite, featured in box office hits CON AIR, Operation Dumbo Drop and Air America!

Sleek, loud and fast, Randy Ball’s MiG-17 will leave you breathless as you watch this beautiful jet fly by. Marvel at its gorgeous silver profile as it streaks across blue skies, jet engine purring. A nimble fighter, the Mig is capable of flying at great speeds and maintaining up to 8gs! The tightest-turning fighter of its time, the Mig demo will no doubt be a favourite at this year’s air show.

You haven’t SEEN civilian aerobatic flying until you’ve watched Mike Wiskus and the Lucas Oil Pitts Special swoop, soar, dive, roll and loop through the air box at the Canadian International Air Show! Our ‘Honorary Canadian’ master air show pilot Mike stuns fans with his awe-inspiring, gasp-inducing spectacle that will leave you LITERALLY cheering for more.

Since having flown at the CIAS during its inaugural display 65 years ago, the Harvard aircraft has smothered air show fans with smoke and noise many times since. Saluting the significant role of the aircraft in Canada’s aviation history, the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team – this year featuring a FOUR-SHIP AEROBATIC DEMO! – Toasts the 65th Anniversary of the CIAS with its awesome performance of radial engine muscle.

The unique blend of the Beech 18’s graceful fly-pasts and aerobatic routine make Matt Younkin’s display one of the most unusual on the air show circuit today. While the Beech 18 was never designed to perform Cuban 8s, point rolls and loops, Matt’s skilled flying – a legacy created by his famous father Bobby – reveals that this beautiful bird can do just that!

Join the CIAS and the Great War Flying Museum as we tribute the 100th Anniversary of World War I; featuring four vintage aircraft in a simulated dog-fight over the Lake. Let history touch you as the Fokker DRI Triplane, Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, RAF SE5a and Nieuport 28C take you back to a time before advanced aviation technology and computer systems powered the skies.

You want high-energy, extreme sporting? You’ve got it! The Lucas Oil Skydivers will jump out over the water and soar down towards the crowd in an exquisite showing of skydiving expertise! Watch each jumper as they pull their chute and sail towards show-centre before gently landing for a swim in the water. A not-to-be-missed display!

Some more jet noise for your listening pleasure? But of course, CIAS Fans! The T-33 ACEMAKER will bring its wicked demo of jet noise and speed to this year’s line-up as the highly-recognizable silhouette of this super-fast fighting bird races down the show-line. Jets are the most popular performers at the CIAS and the T-33 will not disappoint!

A spectacular warbird of years’ past, the P-51 MUSTANG is a favourite of many vintage aviation enthusiasts. This year, the Commemorative Air Force’s Mustang will fly at the CIAS in tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen of the infamous Red Tail Squadron. Be enthralled not only by this magnificent aircraft’s prowess in the air, but by the incredible story of the Red Tail Squadron and its Airmen.

Having trained some of Canada’s most renowned pilots, the Royal Canadian Air Cadet League is still one of the country’s largest youth organizations. Displaying the aircraft used in their cadet flight training program, the Bellanca Scout Tow-Plane and Schweizer 2-33 Glider have inspired thousands of Canadian pilots to get their wings, including our national Astronaut hero, Commander (ret’d) Chris Hadfield.

Lee Barker’s ANTONOV AN-2 will showcase the world’s biggest single-engine bi-plane at this year’s CIAS. Still produced today, the Antonov AN-2’s radial engine and super-sized wingspan make it the perfect bush plane – so much so, that it was produced by the thousands. Built with incredible STOL capabilities, the AN-2 is a delight to see flying for any air show fan.

Canada’s icons of the air, the CF Snowbirds will wow air show fans with their high-speed aerial performance of formation feats and incredible aerobatic artistry. Much loved by Canadians and beyond, watch the Snowbirds celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force at the 2014 CIAS. Their performance will leave you glowing with patriotic pride!

The Canadian International Air Show takes place Labour Day weekend, Saturday, August 30th , Sunday, August 31st and Monday, September 1st , 2014 over Lake Ontario directly south of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) grounds. All shows are scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. For more info: visit

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Canadian International Air Show

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