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Breakthroughs Film Festival 2016!

Join us at The Royal Cinema on June 10th & 11th for the 5th annual Breakthroughs Film Festival

Reception each night @ 7pm - Everyone is welcome to come early, have a drink, and meet the filmmakers and festival programmers.

Screenings start @ 7:30pm, followed by a filmmaker Q&A hosted by Jess Beaulieu.

Breakthroughs is the only festival in Canada devoted exclusively to short films by New Generation 18-30 yrs old female directors. This year's festival will feature 17 outstanding short films from 9 different countries. Among them are 5 Toronto-based filmmakers, plus award-winning shorts from locations as diverse as Uganda, Portugal, Pakistan and Ireland.

Breakthroughs refers to the struggles women artists face in an industry where they make up a very small percentage of directors and must, in many cases, work even harder than their male counterparts to make their voices heard.

THE 2016 LINE-UP!!


Stalingrado d. Anyora Sanchez Spain 12:00

A Russian woman in love with a humble shepherd from La Mancha faces a distinct cultural barrier in the form of the shepherds traditional, unnerving mother.

Eloise, little dreamer d. Myriam L. Obin Canada 4:00

The realities of celebration and protest are blurred as young Eloise traverses streets full of colour and sound, in search of the one face that that will provide her comfort.

Star d. Emilie Mannering Canada 14:58

The limits of brotherhood and camaraderie are tested on the streets of Montreal, where teenage boys struggle to rise up and form identities in face of harsh realities.

We Think It Belongs in the Sea d. Suzette McCanny Canada - 8:20

Bonds of friendship and notions of history and reality are tested as two friends and one disgruntled mermaid discuss what to do with an ancient narwhal tusk.

Batrachians Ballad d. Leonor Teles Portugal 11:00

The ceramic frogs scattered around storefronts in Portugal possess dark symbolic roots embedded with xenophobia, waiting to be shattered.

Seaview d. Zinnia Naqvi Canada 11:54

An exploration of early memories and modern experiences guides this look at Pakistan through one filmmakers aim to reflect the personal and cultural divides of her own identity.

Once Upon a Beast d. Elisabeth Desbiens Canada -12:18

Within the walls of an oppressive covenant, a young girl seeks out ways of transcending her own shadowy reality.

Boredom d. Lara Oundjian Canada 4:25

A physical and visceral depiction of boredom, as told through the movements of one woman who shares her space with an initially passive onlooker.

Edmond d. Nina Gantz UK 9:25

A comically twisted tale of a man struggling with peculiar urges, who reflects on his past as a way of understanding his current obsessions and desires.


Layers d. Tess Anastasia Mexico 20:00

Facing both an allergy to the sun and the potential closure of the beloved water park she works at, a young woman finds some serenity and escape through a kind aqua aerobics coach.

Shir Madness d. Emily Murray Ireland 7:02

A peek into the lives of Irish burlesque performers who embrace the art form through provocative, enticing personas and stage shows.

Northern Great Mountain d. Amanda Kernell Sweden 15:00

With a complicated disdain for the Sami population of Northern Lapland, an aging woman attending her sisters funeral hesitantly confronts her issues with a culture she wanted to move away from long ago.

Wave d. Jasmin Mozaffari Canada 16:04

After suffering a tragic loss, a man finds himself struggling with his personal demons and anguish while having to maintain responsibilities he may not be ready to take on.

The Master and the Movie Doctor d. Nikissi Serumaga Canada -10:30

VJ Ronnie takes on the unique role of cinematic interpreter, giving words and context to film imports in front of local audiences in his native Uganda.

Axis d. Raey Ang Canada 4:06

A hypnotic and kaleidoscopic consideration of Toronto that twists, separates, and blends the citys downtown architecture and landscapes.

The Idea of Growing Old d. Alyssa Stratton USA 16:23

Moments before her best friend from childhood is about to get married, Ellen recalls their connection growing up and struggles with accepting the wedding that is about to take place.

Sunday Lunch d. Celine Devaux France 13:57

A wry portrait of a lunchtime gathering with family, complete with generational dysfunction and plenty of wine.


xoxo Team BFF

Breakthroughs Film Festival 2016!

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