Book Movie Music Eco-Swap at Harbourfront

Everybody loves a good swap! That feeling of finding a real gem—a classic you've been meaning to read, a movie for your next night in, or a rare album by a band you love—that gives a sudden rush of excitement, nostalgia, or sheer curiosity. Welcome to the Swap Zone, Toronto’s most fun, social, and eco way to give and get!

On June 8th, Swapsity—a swapping community empowering you through barter—is debuting the Swap Zone at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. With 1,200 square feet and six hours of swapping fun, it's going to be huge. To date, our swappers have exchanged over 25,000 items.

Bring books, comics, CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, Blu-rays, and vinyl you're ready to give away and take home something exciting and new-to-you in return. Done with your Godfather DVD collection? Trade it for the Star Wars trilogy. Exchange Eat Pray Love for a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude or a jazz vinyl.

Whether you want to feel inspired, edified, or entertained, the Swap Zone is sure to scratch that itch.

Location: Toronto Harbourfront, 235 Queens Quay West

Bring: Up to 50 swappables

Swap Zone Admission: $5

Time: 11am-5pm (rain or shine!)

Swap Zone mailing list:

How it works: Swap DVDs for DVDs or VHS for VHS. Everything else can be mixed and matched (a book for a vinyl record, etc).

Full swapping guidelines are available on the Swapsity website: