Bone of the Moon - Khosro Berahmandi Solo Exhibition

"“Bone of the Moon” is the title of the most recent series of works by Khosro Berahmandi to be exhibited at Queen Gallery from October 17th to 27th. Expressing a visual aesthetic that is the hallmark of his work, Berahmandi remains faithful to his pictorial lexicon that put him in the forefront of contemporary artists. His intricate artwork continues to enthrall the public.

The exhibition will offer two components. The first is a part of a creative process born in a moment of inspiration and imbued with the artists’ prolific imagination. The presence of geometric elements, animals and imaginary creatures, the recurrence of which, incidentally, is not fortuitous but rather the result of artistic licence allowing for the unobstructed confluence of the figurative with the abstract.

The second part is inspired by the poetry of Forough Farrokhzad, one of the greatest modern Iranian poets. It is not surprising that the artist dedicates his latest series of works to this great figure of modern literature. Known for his refined aesthetic and perfectly controlled technique, Khosro Berahmandi is also renowned for his sensitivity to the written word, which, whether playful, lyrical, or transcendental, remains intrinsically linked to his art.

This passion for the fine writing in general, and for poetry in particular, has always set his artistic expression apart from the banality of everyday life. This exhibition is both homage and solemn celebration of the disappearance of the Iranian poet whose verses continue to resonate and inspire. Finally, it should be noted that several works of the exhibition “Bone of the Moon” will be published this autumn by the Editions Noroît in the Book of Poetry of Forough Farrokhzad translated from the Persian by Bahman Sadighi.

About the Artist:

Khosro Berahmandi, Iranian-born painter, moved to Canada in 1983. He currently lives and works in Montreal. Graduate in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, as well as the University of Paris VIII, he has already participated in over thirty solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Recipient of several awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, he is engaged in various artistic projects exploring the relationship between his art and other forms of artistic expressions. Three art books on Khosro’s work have already been published by Maison d’édition Ketabe Iran Canada and by Les éditions du Noroît."

Bone of the Moon - Khosro Berahmandi Solo Exhibition

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