Blossom and Bloom

Blossom and Bloom is an open-concept market showcasing local creative businesses, floral-focused designers, artists and musicians in a single event. A curated public style event that welcomes visitors of all interests and backgrounds to explore the creative work of our local makers.

This year's event features flower-focused craft makers and artists, as well as floral designers. In addition, the event will showcase a bistro area activated by a flower origami activity and a floral themed garden swing station. These activities are free for all to experience. A market promenade will also grace the event atmosphere with locally grown fresh floral features.

The location of Blossom and Bloom, Union Station, Canada’s busiest transportation hub welcoming over 300,000 visitors every day.

Our idea of "blossom" and "bloom" is to share a communal platform to help flourish our creative culture with all things elegant, fine crafted, and unique. Admission is always free, as we believe that creative culture should be shared by all!