Bloods'n'Suds Toronto Zombie Car Wash

Theyre back, theyre hungry and they want to wash your car!

Too many bodies in your trunk? Apocalyptic acid rain left your car dull and dingy? Grave dirt encrusted tires from too many cemetery excursions? Let our zombies help you out.

On Sunday, August 17th, The Toronto Zombie Walk will be holding its 5th Annual Zombie Car Wash: BLOODSNSUDS.

The event runs from 12pm to 6pm at The Classic Coin Wash 1247 College St on the corner of Lansdowne and College in Toronto. All proceeds go to paying costs to run The 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade on October 25th. Thats right.. once again the zombie walk will open their walk to all MONSTERS!

Come down and bring your car, bike, UFO, or any other modes of transportation to be washed by our undead experts!

BLOOD TREATMENT and ZOMBIE ATTACK available for a small extra fee.

Blood supplied by CREEPED OUT CANADA!

Special NERF Super Soaker Zombie Strike Super Soaker post blood power wash available!! Get amped with the Nerf Zombie Strike Defender game here:

Dont have a car? You can still help out the Toronto Zombie Walk by stopping by and picking up one of our new t-shirts, or buying a raffle tickets to win a spook-tacular prize

We will also have a couple of games available to play as a preview to the upcoming Nerf Zombie Strike Midway at The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade.

All proceeds go to running the 2013 Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade! Help keep this event free!

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