Provocation Ideas Festival presents Blaze Your Trail: A Fireside Conversation with Ivory and Sapphira

Ready to unleash your inner firestarter? Join us for a scintillating fireside chat with two dynamic visionaries: Ivory, a powerhouse performer with a flair for the extraordinary, and Sapphira, a boundary-pushing architect of dreams. Get ready for a power hour of bold ideas as we delve into the stories of those who dare to dance to their own rhythm, From booty-shakin' to blueprint-shapin', Ivory and Sapphira will share their secrets to living authentically and reframing challenges, while inviting us all to consider the big questions that help us reimagine our collective future. Hosted by Nikola Steer.


Nikola Steer is an multidisciplinary artist, cultural designer, and producer based in Toronto. Through her ever-expanding practice, she seeks to reconnect people with their shared humanity in a world where systems and technology seem to be intruding with increased acceleration. She uses storytelling, somatic practices, curiosity and play as entry points to shared questions and social discovery. Her installations and activations are designed to help us recognize bits of ourselves in the stories of others and to reacquaint ourselves with the abiding magic of being alive and in community. Nikola is the Director of Programming for Camp Reset, described as “an annual four-day phone-free, ‘no-work-talk retreat for adults that takes place at a traditional summer camp in Bancroft, Ontario, where participants are invited to choose alternate names and engage in rest and play.”

Ivory is a multi discipline performer known best for her booty shakin', shenanigan making, and a voice that just won’t quit. A singer/model/actor/dancer/body positive and disability advocate and graduate of Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, this former Miss Canada Plus has graced stages across North America, into the UK and the Caribbean, appeared in print media such as the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe & Mail and National Post, and across numerous TV Networks. An archer, equestrian, axe thrower and firebreather, Ivory boasts a spectacular bag of tricks which are sure to wow any crowd! Founder of the Succulent Six, Canada's team of curvy superSHEroes (check out their TV show on CBC.CA and YOUTUBE!), guest chair on CTV’s The Social, panelist on 1 Queen 5 Queers (now streaming on CRAVE) and a proud member of Les Femmes Fatales, Canada's FIRST burlesque troupe for Women of Colour, you can follow her antics on Instagram and twitter @pureivorydotca or online at She’s not just a bombshell-she’s the whole damn Arsenal.

Sapphira Charles is an entrepreneur architect leading a multi-disciplinary architectural and design practice for the last 5 years. Her practice is infused, inspired, and informed by her background in visual and performance art. Prior to venturing on her own, she worked for over 15 years at a variety of award-winning architectural studios across Toronto. She works in multiple scales and varieties that span from architectural theoretical concepts and architectural digital art from illustration, 3D modelling and animation to AI Design. She specializes in designing bold and unique small- or large-scale residential and commercial spaces from renovations, events, art installations and alterations to new builds. With her activist and utopian free spirit, she dreams of helping the world to become a more expressive, creative, colourful, socially just, and liberated space - where there are no limits to the imagination; all while having fun and being playful as an essential part of the creative process.

Saturday, May 25 • 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

Innix College Town Hall

2 Sussex Ave,

University of Toronto

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