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Bi Arts Festival 2018

celebrating bisexual lives & culture - september 18-23, 2018

Welcome to Toronto’s second annual Bi Arts Festival, the world’s largest celebration of bisexual voices in art and culture. September 23rd is a special day. On that Sunday, we will be joining with communities from around the world to celebrate the 19th annual “Bi Visibility Day” - a day for being both gloriously and deliciously bisexual as well as unapologetically out, loud and proud.

The Bi Arts Festival was born from a belief in the power of storytelling. When shared with an audience, stories can and do change lives. But too many stories are left untold, unspoken, unshared, or unheard. We say NO MORE! 

Although bisexuals make up the largest slice of the pie that is the LGBTQA+ community, we are often invisible. In response, the Bi Arts Festival offers six days of vibrant and original programming - including visual art, craft, storytelling, performance, theatre, video, dance and the launch of our zine, CRUSH. Our events are creative, playful, impactful and transformational. We look forward to seeing you!