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Trinity Bellwoods Free 3D Projection Show: Isochronal

The Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas BIA presents a new winter initiative to drive community engagement and visitors to the hip stretch of Dundas St. West, also known as the Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas BIA.

Western Lights: ISOCHRONAL

Through 3D mapping and animation techniques, artist Fezz Stenton will transform the entire facade of 809 Dundas St. West, bringing its features to life with textures of Ice, Molten Heat, Lush Greenery and Crystal Structures. Through a process of exploration and discovery, Stenton generates the imagery and textures that are then mapped to the architectural details of the building.

The 8 minute performance will be accompanied by a score and sound design by Toronto Artist and Musician Graham Bertie.


WHEN: February 27-February 29 from 7pm - 11pm. The show will run every 15 minutes
WHERE: 809 Dundas Street West (South eastern corner)
WHO: This is a family friendly event.. Everyone is welcome.

ISOCHRONAL [ ahy-sok-ruh-nl ]
1. equal in length of time
2. occurring at equal intervals of time

Our world has a tempo and rhythm that drives life and decay, an endless cycle that pushes life forward to make way for
new growth. This work takes a closer look at the beauty found when we see our world changes and adapts within its own Isochronal cycle.

The Trinity Bellwoods BIA would like to extend a gracious thank you to our partners:
Fezz Stenton (
Hilary's Pharmacy (
Westbury National (

Trinity Bellwoods Free 3D Projection Show: Isochronal

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