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The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Circus Side show 2018

Plastik Wrap presents: The Bazaar of the Bizarre - Circus Side Show 2018

Not your average craft show - The Bazaar of the Bizarre brings you arts, fashion and crafts that are : different, interesting, weird, strange, one of a kind, macabre, whimsical or just things to flip your brain out! All handmade ALL CANADIAN!

Full on with entertaining freaks, dancers, and other oddities!

SUNDAY April 1st 2018. This is NOT an April fools joke, we are really doing it, come party with us.
open to the public from 11am - 8pm
6 NOBLE st.Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement (queen west/dufferin area)

FREE for the public to attend!

Art by Gabrielle Neveu
Brazen Razor
Wolf Dottir
Mad science Dye and Fiber
Hedo Cosmetics
Three on the Treetop
Crowe kids
ROAR by Rex
Miranda's Mimicry
GRRRL Spells 
Sticks n Bones Studios
Maide: by hand, in Toronto 
Moon and Moon Tarot 
Morgan Von Darque Art
The Good Soak
Homebody Collective
Crystal Root & Conjure
Sword in the Stone Crafts
Art Of Keith Busher: Precious Mutations
Le Petit Chapeau 
Mental Floss Sideshow
Atelier Nature Québec
Voodoo Circus
Natalie Very B.
Dark Side of the Loom
Seven Sisters
Monster Cliche
West Rock Art Metal
RoRo Art
Alive At Night
Black Line Accessories 
Ariane Julien
Rachel Bowen
Noelle Anne Navarrete
Martha Would Die Here
Little Bell
Jane Dickson - Mystical Spirit Studio
Erotic Watercolours by Vanessa Walsh
Strange Yeti
Skulls 'n' Broken Hearts
Chained Creativity
Inspiration Vintage 
Black Currant Jewelry
Lea's Boutique
Valkyrie Bone Crafts
The Serpentina North Ensemble
Plastik Wrap
Rhiannon Lee
Little Shop of Hearts

Food by: Sausage Party Toronto