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AstroTours Earth Hour 2018: Where Captain Nemo Got it Right, and Wrong - Life in the Deep Earth

From Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo, to Astronaut Mark Watney stranded on Mars, we remain fascinated by the theme of Exploration. Fact can be stranger than fiction however as we discover that even here on Earth, there are parts of the planet we have only begun to probe for new habitable domains and microbial ecosystems.

Journey with explorers past, present and future as we descend into some of the places on Earth where life ekes out an existence far from the energy of sunlight.

We will discuss microorganisms that draw their energy for life not from the sun but from the power of chemistry in the deep dark places of the Earth – in subsurface habitats ranging from the black smoker vents of the ocean’s hydrothermal fields, to deep fracture waters bubbling up 3 km below the surface of northern Canada and in the gold mines of South Africa. What does exploration of Earth’s subsurface habitats tell us about the search for habitability (and life) on Mars or on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter?

Join us for AstroTour's annual Earth Hour event! The night will begin with a lecture by Professor Barbara Sherwood-Lollar. After the talk we will have free refreshments, telescope observing*, planetarium shows, and astronomy activities. No registration is required for any part of the evening, although some planetarium tickets are reservable due to limited seating in the planetarium.


7 - 8PM: Lecture (Earth Sciences Centre, 5 Bancroft Avenue)

8 - 10PM: Telescope observing*, planetarium shows, astronomy activities, and refreshments (McLennan Physical Observatories, 255 Huron Street)

* weather permitting

AstroTours Earth Hour 2018: Where Captain Nemo Got it Right, and Wrong - Life in the Deep Earth

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