Ash Moniz Reenacting Events Aug 11 - Aug 17

As a part of the Roundtable Residency, I will be "exhibiting" a work in which I will be reenacting events that are happening in different locations all around the globe, at the exact same time that they are happening, throughout the course of an entire week. In doing so, I have been talking to hundreds of people in different countries, researching tons of online forums and social media sites, and making a schedule calculating the time difference of events that are planned to happen almost every hour that the exhibition is open. From Monday, August 11 until Sunday August 17th, come to the Roundtable Residency to participate in all of the different events, that will be scheduled every day. Come and participate in an experience that you know people somewhere else in the world are also participating in, at that exact moment.

So far some of the events include:

basketball tournaments, conferences, film screenings, book readings, a giant chess game, elections, yard sales, birthday parties, anniversaries, karate seminars, a Model United Nations conference, protests, meetings, workshops, competitions, a Rubiks Cube Race, a deadline for an essay, a job recruitment session, facebook events and other types of events that are happening in about 30 different countries around the world.

This is a pretty participatory work so it would be really great to get as many people to come as possible. Spread the word to everyone you know who might be interested in coming down and checking it out! There will be things going on EVERY DAY, don't hesitate to pop by at any point.

I will post the schedule very soon!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


AUG 11 - AUG 17


Ash Moniz Reenacting Events Aug 11 - Aug 17

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