Art Ride w Toronto Cruisers - Late Night Bike Ride!

Nuit Blanche is one of our favourite nights of the year! We adore seeing the streets full of people & a tiny sliver of mayhem on the ground! So we'll meet at College Park get our bikes geared up with lights, sound & whatever else we care to do & we'll ride off into the night, renegade styles!

If you're hoping to see every single piece of art & stay at each location at length, this probably isn't for you. If you're hoping to go on a long ride nonstop through the city, this probably isn't for you. If you're looking for a well defined schedule of stops & times, everything is subject to change, so don't make hard plans.

We'll set out to see art, make some noise, have some fun & interact with our city, much like we do on our Toronto Cruisers rides. Join up, split off, rejoin, grab a rideshare bike, hop on, hop off as we're riding until LATE!!! As far as we know, this is the ONLY event that aims to ride & actually stop & see the art that others have created so let's celebrate their efforts & vision!

Yes, we'll also visit renegade activities that appear on no official maps or schedules! Heck, when Nuit Blanche Toronto was cancelled, we *still* went out & funded our own art pieces across the city to visit! We are motivated to pARTicipate!

We'll bring some glow/LED things you can purchase, but since we'll only have some on hand, let us know if you'd like us to bring something specifically for you in advance! In an effort to reduce waste, please consider bringing battery powered LED lights (or similar) instead of glow sticks etc that are one-time use only!

Bike-friendly costumes encouraged. Our pseudo theme for this year is.... *drum roll*... the classic - SKULLS & SKELETONS!!!

We'll post a live link so you can track us throughout the night, but note that there's a short lag and can sometimes get confused near the waterfront. We'll also tweet updates so you can find us (yes, our Twitter account will be our main source of outward communication for the night!!!). Look for the bright bikes - that should get you to us pretty quickly. As well, all routes are subject to road closure rules etc. NB maps are usually really hit or miss, so be prepared for a night of 'spot-the-art!'.


Meet at College Park - 10pm

We ride until LATE!!!


No attitude, no bull, responsible, friendly people only please. Ride safe, take responsibility for yourself, treat riders with respect, be prepared & be inclusive.

Bring tools, tubes & tokens & bring warm clothing as it can get downright chilly as we ride into the night. If weather is iffy, we'll make a call no later than 2 hours prior to ride time on this event page.


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