An Evening with Bob Woodward


Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist

Author and Associate Editor, The Washington Post

Speaks with Steve Paikin of TVO's The Agenda


Everywhere legendary journalist Bob Woodward goes, people ask him about what's really going on in Washington. As he reported on eight presidents from Nixon to Obama, for 46 years Woodward has immersed himself in their decision-making, scandals, wars, and economic policy like no other reporter. He leveraged a rich network of sources – applying his signature aggressive but fair and non-partisan reporting method for his new book on President Trump, his administration, and its many controversies. Woodward provides a behind-the-scenes examination of what's really going on and what it means.


Former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wished he’d recruited Woodward into the CIA, “He has an extraordinary ability to get otherwise responsible adults to spill [their] guts to him . . . his ability to get people to talk about stuff they shouldn’t be talking about is just extraordinary and may be unique.”

Therein lays the genius of Bob Woodward – a journalistic icon who gained international attention when he and Carl Bernstein broke the deeply disturbing news of the Watergate scandal. The book they wrote – All the President’s Men – won a Pulitzer Prize.

Watergate’s theme of secret government is a common thread throughout Woodward’s career that has spawned 19 books – all national bestsellers – 13 of them #1 – more than any other contemporary nonfiction author. His 19th book, FEAR: Trump in the White House, sold more than 1.1 million copies in its first week in September 2018 – breaking the 94-year first-week sales record of its publisher Simon & Schuster. No one else in political investigative journalism has the clout, respect, and reputation of Woodward. He has a way of getting insiders to open up in ways that reveal an intimate yet sweeping portrayal of Washington and the political infighting, how they fight wars, the price of politics, how presidents lead, the homeland security efforts, and so much more. His work is meticulous and draws on internal memos, classified documents, meeting notes and hundreds of hours of interviews with most of the key players, including the president.

Speaking with Steve Paikin of TVO's The Agenda, Woodward pulls the curtain back on Washington and its leaders to captivate audiences with stories that are sometimes surprising, at times shocking, and always fascinating. He blends stories that are both up to the minute and from the past (to provide historical context). Woodward speaks as he writes – crisp and concise – and helps people get behind the spin to understand what’s really going on in the halls of power in an age of 24-hour news, social media, and snarky politics.

About Steve Paikin: Steve Paikin OC OOnt is a Canadian journalist, author and documentary producer. Paikin has primarily worked for TV Ontario (TVO), Ontario's public broadcaster, and is anchor of TVO's flagship current affairs program The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

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An Evening with Bob Woodward

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