A Premium Immersive One-Shot Experience of Dungeons & Dragons

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs), this event offers something for everyone. Come solo or with friends and immerse yourself in a game of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). This adventure seats up to 6 players.

Our events are a great way to connect with members of local communities and are also perfect for folks arriving in Toronto looking to make new friends.

What is Dungeons & Dragons?: D&D is a Role Playing Game (RPG) where players work together to create a story. Each person acts as a character in the story while the Dungeon Master (DM) acts as the referee and guide. Together, players will solve dilemmas, explore dungeons, find treasure, and perhaps encounter a dragon!

What is a One-Shot?: It is a complete story in one session of gameplay.

General Admission Tickets: Tickets to this event include a private room for you and your fellow adventurers, a specialty-themed food & drinks menu, one of our expert Dungeon Masters to run a full how-to-play (if any new players are in attendance) and an immersive playthrough of a one-shot that includes digital maps, and accompanying music. Tickets also include access to the Snakes & Lattes Midtown board game library, if you would like to sit and play before the adventure begins.

Player Experience: Any! - Little to no experience with the game, or looking to build confidence, or just have fun!

Equipment: We will provide paper, pencils, and of course, dice for you to borrow. We also use Chaotic Studios dice kits to help support new players in getting familiar with the different-sized dice. After the game, players will have the option to purchase their dice kit.

To learn more, find Changeling Gaming Events Toronto on Eventbrite (see website link).

About Changeling Gaming: Changeling Gaming is a collective of board game instructors who host both public and private game experiences in Toronto and together create game content for YouTube. Our mission is to help folks find the right games for their tables and to create safe, accessible, and welcoming spaces to play games and make new friends along the way.

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A Premium Immersive One-Shot Experience of Dungeons & Dragons

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