A magical gathering

Come play some dang Magic in the back of the Ossington why don't ya!

This will primarily be a sealed tournament with prizes. Entry fee to be determined, but will be $25-$30. Includes four packs of the new set, Eldritch Moon, and two from the previous, Shadows Over Innistrad. If you're not familiar with the format, you build a deck from those packs and try and win as many games as possible. Regardless of how well you do, you keep your cards when you're finished, or trade or sell them. Players who do well are rewarded with prizes usually more packs of cards.

If the cost is prohibitive, or if you have no idea how to play and want to check it out to see if you'd like to start playing, you're most welcome to hang out and observe. Or bring your decks and play with other folks who want to play but don't want to play in the tournament.

Will start handing out packs at 6:30 and would love to get the games started by 7:45, so please try not to be late. The earlier you get there, the more time you have to construct your deck.

Because boxes of packs are expensive, I'll gauge formal intent to play closer to the 27th with a poll or by private message or something. Clicking "Attending" does not commit you to playing in the tournament.

Because it's the Ossington, all draft beer/cider, bottles and rail are $4 until 8 o'clock, and there will likely be a special after that $5 tall cans and shots of Jameson or some such thing. You're welcome to bring food with you in the event that you have to come straight from work and don't have time to eat beforehand.

Hit me up if you've got any questions on how this sort of thing usually goes or suggestions as to how we can ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

I'll try and find a relatively non-obnoxious YouTube guide to playing this format and post it below. If you're new to the game or to this format of play, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with general best practices.

Nick McKinlay will be hosting an inaugural pop-punk night in the front room starting around 10 o'clock, so if you flame out and are bitter about it, you can cheer yourself up with some Blink-182.

A magical gathering

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