4th Annual Breakthroughs Film Festival

Join us at Innis Town Hall on June 5 & 6 for the 2015 Breakthroughs Film Festival!

Breakthroughs Film Festival is the only festival in Canada devoted exclusively to short films by New Generation (18-30 yrs old) female artists. We show films from any and every genre made by talented young women from all over the world.

Breakthroughs refers to the struggles women artists face in an industry where they make up only 6 percent of directors and must, in many cases, work even harder than their male counterparts to make their voices heard.


With a record number of submissions, this year’s festival includes award-winning films from Canada, Korea, Lebanon, Turkey, and the USA, united by the theme of Identity.

Where: Innis Town Hall - Near Bloor St. and St. George

When: June 5 & 6

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm each night

Tickets: Tickets are now on sale, and can be purchased for $12 online (visit www.breakthroughsfilmfestival.com for more details) and $15 at the door. A two-night festival pass is also available for only $20.


Friday June 5, 2015

Withering Heights (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Liz Cairns | Canada

The Lucky Pennies (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Émilie Rosas | Canada

Cheese (2014)

Narrative Short, Comedy

Hannah Cheesman | Canada

Demi Monde (2013)

Experimental Short

Caroline Monnet | Canada

The Foreigner (2014)

Narrative Short, Comedy

Maya Bedward | Canada

Let Me Down Easy (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Elisia Mirabelli, Matthew De Filippis | Canada

Mirror in Mind (2014)

Experimental Short, Animation

SeungHee Kim | Korea

Her Name is Rabab (2014)

Documentary Short

Mariam Zaidi | Canada

Christine (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Mounia Akl | Lebanon

Saturday June 6, 2015

Chante Encore/Sing Again (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Audrey Chevrier | Canada

Eunoia (2013)

Experimental Short, Documentary

Michele Ayoub | Canada

So You've Grown Attached (2014)

Narrative Short, Fantasy, Comedy

Kate Tsang | United States

Persistence of Vision (2014)

Documentary Short

Caitlin Durlak | Canada

Thirty Masks (2015)

Experimental Short, Animation

Martine Frossard | Canada

Dennis (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama, Thriller

Nicole Dorsey | Canada

Haziran/June (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Gökçe Erdem | Turkey & Canada

Ailleurs Exactement/Somewhere Exactly (2014)

Narrative Short, Drama

Kristina Wagenbauer | Canada & Switzerland