35mm Double Bill: The Blair Witch Project & Hellraiser III


Hi there! Every year on my birthday, I like to get a big crowd of people together to watch a double-feature on 35mm. We've done this for several years now, showing prints of The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, Mac & Me, Night of the Comet, and yes, I'm still living down the shame from screening Teen Wolf Too last year. - ERIC VEILLETTE

About the first feature:
USA 1992 97min. R
Directed by Anthony Hickox
Starring Doug Bradley, Terry Farrell, lots of Cenobites

"With more lives than a black cat, the Prince of Hell is back!" This year's first film, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, was the first Hellraiser flick I ever rented in a video store back in the day (along with an Ozzy music video compilation, which we will not be showing), so I’m excited to finally see this goofy, tonal departure-from-the-first-two-films on the big screen. If you like your Hellraiser movies to feature lots of Cenobites adorning cutting edge 1992 technology and mondo Shakespearean dialogue for Pinhead, boy oh boy have I got a movie for you.

35mm print courtesy University of Toronto Media Commons.

About the second feature
Hold onto your butts -- we'll be announcing the second feature soon!

As always, the features will be preceded and interspersed by trailers and shorts, all on celluloid (new stuff I've collected recently)!

There will be prizes, probably a custom cocktail called the Lament Configuration? And only $12 bucks for two movies? Cheap!

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35mm Double Bill: The Blair Witch Project & Hellraiser III

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