27th Portugal Week Festival

The Portugal Week festivities continue with a free festival celebrating Portugal Day (June 10th).

This annual event which is organized by the Alliance of Portuguese Clubs and Associations (ACAPO) and is presented by Cirv Fm & Fptv has grown to become one of (if not the) largest celebration of Portugal Day in the world.

The program starts Friday night at 7 pm with the Youth Festival concert featuring local artists Nancy Love and Diego Gomes as well as Diro and Deolinda direct from portugal.

Saturday and Sunday the festivities start at 2 pm and run all day and will include the 21st Folclore Festival “Raízes Do Nosso Povo” presented by Sol Português And Voice Newspaper as well as a concerts featuring Emanuel, Maxi, Tabu and many more local and international recording artists.

This is a Free event.