Contest Update: The Big Brown Mountain Lives On

Snow storms are long gone, but over the last few weeks we've seen a barrage of wild spring storms. Torrential rain, thunderstorms, and even a rare tornado watch last week have had us wondering (as usual) whether or not these weather patterns are normal.

During the past relentless winter, city snow removal crews collected massive amounts of snow and debris from city streets and deposited it in a few locations, one being in a lot near Toronto Police 22 Division, not far from Kipling Station.

Back on April 1st, I posted a for-fun contest to see who could come closest (without going over) to guessing the date that the massive snow mountain would reach complete melt. On May 17th I provided an update and more photos. Most people guessed complete melt dates in May and early June, but the big brown mountain is still around.

Above is how it looks today, and below is a composite image that shows the melt progression from April 1st, to May 17th, to today. It looks like those guessing July or August may right after all.

big brown mountain melt contest

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