Eco-friendly lawn mowers at Mow Down Pollution event launch

Mow Down Pollution

Did you know that running a gas-powered lawn mower for an hour produces as much pollution as driving a car 500 km? I always kind of suspected that the stinky two-stroke engines used in lawn mowers and leaf blowers weren't exactly environmentally friendly, but even I was surprised to learn that they account for five percent of our urban smog. Throw in some pesticides, and you've got a paradox - what's supposed to be a backyard nature oasis is polluting and poisoning our environment.

That's why for the past seven years the Clean Air Foundation ran a "Mow Down Pollution" campaign, in an attempt to get people to switch to greener mowers that are easier on your lungs as well as ears. This year the program runs from April 17 to April 27, and if you're considering getting a new mower, the time is now. Because if you bring your old, noisy, polluting lawn mower or trimmer to your local Home Depot between these two dates, you will receive up to $100 off a more eco-friendly model (low emission, electric or push mower).

And if you hire others to trim your lawn, and want to help out the environment, you can an use services of environmentally-friendly company like ecocut.

Now if only somebody could run the same program for the blasted leaf blowers...

Photo: Push, Electric and Low Emissions Mowers by DBarefoot

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