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New supermarket opening in Toronto neighbourhood that's had enough of Metro

A Toronto neighbourhood that's losing faith in their local Metro location is about to get a new option for groceries: a Persian supermarket that's opening soon.

While it seems like Loblaws has been getting all of the negative press for their lofty prices these days, members of the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood have also noticed their grocery bills creeping up when shopping at Metro.

In a post that recently appeared in a neighbourhood Facebook group, one member of the community points out that they've noticed the prices at the grocery store's local location seem to be on the rise.

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Facebook post pointing out Metro's rising prices.

Other members of the community were quick to add their two-cents when it comes to their own experiences with Metro's recent pricing.

"I noticed the same thing last evening! I was walking back home from work and wanted to pick up some small grocery items [...] I did a quick search on the Loblaws and Metro websites and these items were priced EXACTLY the same! No difference at all," one person comments.

While the original poster poster hypothesizes that Metro's high prices could be an opportunistic move to capitalize on the ongoing Loblaws boycott, others point out that Metro, like Loblaws, is regularly guilty of sky-high prices.

"I've found Metro to be more expensive than Loblaws and Farm Boy since inflation started creeping in two years ago," one person writes. "Sometimes Metro has good sales but the regular prices are obscene."

Whatever the truth really is when it comes to Metro's pricing, there's good news on the horizon for Midtown residents, and it comes in the form of a brand-new option for grocery shopping.

Taking over a vacant space at 2085 Yonge, near the intersection of Yonge and Manor Road, a new Persian supermarket called Super Unique is set to be opening soon, adding an independent and, hopefully, inexpensive option for grocery shopping in the neighbourhood.

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