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People are loving this anti-Loblaws public art from a mystery person in Toronto

Much like the person who covered lampposts outside of a Toronto Loblaws store with signs about the grocery chain's exorbitant profits, another individual in the city is taking the supermarket brand to task in the form of some guerilla art.

Residents have been noticing new, rather unique markings on the sidewalk outside of Ossington Station this week, and upon further examination, are realizing it is not a series of random scuffs, but a piece of very deliberate anti-Loblaws art.

The work, which appears to have been created with a stencil and black spray-paint, depicts a video-game like scene — Pokemon inspired, it seems — of characters around a building labelled "Loblaws."

A bubble below reads, simply, "The customers here were robbed."

The small gesture of class solidarity is giving sharp-eyed passersby a bit of a chuckle during their commute, with some even taking to social media to share it, where people have called it "awesome," "clever" and "super cool."

"Yay! Fight the power!" one person wrote along with a photo of the graffiti on the Lobaws is Out of Control Reddit.

"This is so good! Cute and creative!" another added in the comments section.

Anti-Loblaws Art Spotted Outside of Ossington Subway
byu/Linbaili inloblawsisoutofcontrol

Though it is unclear if the image has popped up anywhere else in the city, pedestrians should keep an eye out.

In this case, the location is a few major blocks away from the nearest Loblaws.

Lead photo by

Google Street View

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