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Customer alleges Ontario restaurant owner sent him 'parking lot beatdown' invite

A video of an Ontario man recounting his amusing interaction with a restaurant owner in April has amassed millions of views on TikTok. 

"I left a negative Google review for this restaurant and now the owner wants to fight me this Friday," the customer named Adam explains. 

"How do I know that? Well, he sent me a Google Calendar invite for this Friday called 'Parking Lot Beatdown Session,' and the description of the event? 'Parking lot. Food will be served. Knuckle sandwiches.'"  ​​​​​​

In the video, which has already garnered over 4.8 million views and nearly 13,000 comments, Adam explains that he and his friend were searching for a place to eat over the weekend when they came across the unnamed restaurant, which reportedly boasts 4.3 stars on Google. 

@adamjuvs He lowkey top 5 owners of all time.. i gotta go in tomorrow #greenscreen ♬ original sound - adamjuvs

"We get there, place smells like sh*t. We order and we get our food and I'm telling you right now it was inedible. Tasted like sh*t. You could not eat it. I wouldn’t even feed this sh*t to my ex," he explained in the TikTok. 

After the waiter realized the duo didn't enjoy the food, Adam says a "six-foot-eight, 350-pound NFL linebacker" came out and asked why they didn't like the food he cooked, explaining that he opened up the restaurant after having a vision in jail.

Being too petrified to address the issues in person, Adam says he decided to write a negative Google review. 

"So a couple hours after posting it I get a response and it says, 'If you're the individual I had a disagreement with, please contact this email address I'm willing to give you a $100 gift card to a store of your choice. Contact me ASAP,'" he said. 

After sending the email, Adam says he received a response from the business owner, which reads, "I know your broke ass was going to message me. I’m not giving you sh*t! Keep your sh*tty reviews to yourself." 

The video spread like wildfire across social media, with thousands of commenters begging Adam to film an update since the "meeting" time had passed. 

"Google Calendar invite to a beatdown is the funniest possible thing he could've done," one comment with over 150,000 likes reads. 

Even Google Workspace's TikTok account left a comment under the video, writing, "This is wild." 

@adamjuvs #stitch with @adamjuvs #greenscreen ♬ original sound - adamjuvs

In an update, Adam explained that he received yet another email from the business owner titled "Important details," with a YouTube link attached. Upon clicking on the link, Adam says a video discussing funeral arrangements popped up. 

"He about to give you 5 stars but they'll be circling around your head," one person wrote. 

"The way he honey-potted you to get your email then sent you a calendar invite is next level," another person said. 

@adamjuvs #stitch with @adamjuvs ♬ original sound - adamjuvs

In a third and final update, Adam, who appeared to be reading off a script, retracted his statements about the business and the quality of the food. 

"I would like to come on here and apologize to the three million people that watched my previous video. I lied," he joked. "I said the food was mediocre when in fact it is amazing. It tastes gourmet." 

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