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Ontario customer slams new 'soggy' plastic-free coffee lids at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons rolled out a new hot beverage lid in parts of Ontario in April, the latest in a series of nationwide trials of its new plastic-free design. But not everyone is happy with this environmentally-friendly offering.

The new plastic-free hot beverage lids first appeared in the province in Ottawa and neighbouring Gatineau, QC, in mid-April as part of Tim Hortons' five-year project to develop new greener packaging options. Similar trials have already been carried out in Vancouver and P.E.I.

Made of plant-based materials, these lids come with some obvious benefits for the planet, but are being met with the same frustrations as the rollout of paper straws and other non-plastic items in Ontario restaurants in previous years.

"We're excited to ask Ottawans to help us test this new, plastic-free and recyclable lid for Tim Hortons hot beverage cups," read a mid-April statement from Paul Yang, Senior Director of Procurement, Sustainability and Packaging for Tim Hortons.

However, not everyone is as excited as Yang.

blogTO reader Gerry Lee says that he stopped by a Timmies location at the Rideau Centre Mall in Ottawa on Tuesday morning for his regular morning cup, which "was presented to me with the new lid."

He says that "After a couple of sips, it became soggy and started to stain. Thereafter, I could taste a few small lid pieces in the drink, which was like 'yuck.'"

Lee shared photos with blogTO showing the new lids. Some of the images show a visible depression where he says he pushed the edge in to test the lid’s integrity.

"The lid became spongy and soft, and I can literally push the edge in, as you can see," he explained.

tim hortons paper lids

Frustrated customers like Lee may be pleased to learn that the Ottawa trial of these new lids will only last six weeks from its mid-April start date, however, the widespread adoption of this plastic-free offering seems inevitable in the months or years to come.

blogTO has reached out to Tim Hortons seeking comment on the lids and customer questions about their ability to stand up to hot beverages.

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Gerry Lee

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