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Ontario No Frills selling fake coins to unlock grocery carts and shoppers have thoughts

A No Frills in Ontario was spotted selling "cart coins" to unlock grocery carts, and Canadians are sounding off online.

Reddit user dandion123 shared a photo of No Frills advertising the fake coins attached to key chains on Reddit.

"Spotted in Ontario No Frills. Increase cost of cart to $1, charge $2 for fake loonie," the post reads.

The photo shows the cart coins being sold for $2 each.

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Dandion123 did not disclose which specific Ontario location the coins were spotted at.

A Loblaw spokesperson explained that some No Frills sell cart coins "with all proceeds going towards PC Children's Charity."

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Several commenters on the Reddit post recalled their local No Frills selling cart coins as well, with some remembering them giving the fake coins away for free.

byu/dandion123 from discussion

"The end of keys (postal key works best) will unlock these. I do this all the time cause who carries around loonie these days," reads one comment.

"Yup. I be using my house key when I was shopping at no frills (I don't anymore) all it did was make it a tad awkward when someone wanted to trade a coin for your cart," added another.

Several shoppers said they've 3D printed cart coins for less.

"If you know anyone with a 3D printer, you can print one for a few cents," suggested one Redditor.

"My BIL printed something on his 3D printer that fits into grocery store carts and we keep them our keychains," shared another.

One person said you can even ask the workers to unlock a grocery cart for you.

Although Loblaw-owned stores like No Frills have been in the hot seat amid the cost of living crisis, many shoppers in the Reddit post's comments think cart coins aren't the hill to die on.

"Hahaha it's a novelty token. Loblaws does not 'owe' anyone a freebie because they shop there. It's all a part of their very clever No-Name campaign. Sheesh. Stay focussed fam," reads one comment.

"I hate the mega corporations and these a**holes as much as the next guy, however this post to induce rage is just stupid, and sorry to say about all the others aren't seeing what this actually is are blinded by anger," agreed another commenter.

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