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Toronto restaurant causing a stir over perplexing dress code rules

A Toronto steak restaurant just announced their dress code guidelines and people are already confused.

If you're looking for an upscale dining experience on King West, chances are you've come across Marbl, a pricey steakhouse and restaurant that's been in business since 2018.

It seems that the restaurant has gotten itself in a bit of hot water — or at least under a healthy amount of internet trolling — after they published a statement regarding their dress code on Instagram.

"A strict dress code is in effect," the post reads. "Wearing hoodies, athletic wear, sportswear, swimwear, sweatsuits, tracksuits, men's side bags, flip flops or slides is strictly prohibited."

The post then goes on to explain that anyone who tries to enter the restaurant wearing the prohibited wardrobe will be denied entry, and followers immediately began cracking jokes about and raising issue with the announcement.

A primary source of contention regarding the dress code is the "men's side bag," which many, including myself, are a little confused about.

"What is a men's side bag?" one person writes, while another simply says they're "dying over the men’s sides bag."

Others criticised the new policy by theorizing that it may not be enforced equally among patrons.

"The amount of times that I’ve been in there and a raptor walks in in track pants. Is this rule for everyone except them?" one person writes.

Others, though, praise Marbl's decision to enforce a strict dress code, claiming that restaurants in the city have gotten too relaxed, and people should be pushed to dress up when visiting higher-end restaurants.

According to Jeffrey Feldman, Marbl's Director of PR, the dress code is actually nothing new.

"The Dress Code has been in effect since we opened," Jeffrey tells blogTO, noting that diners are made aware of the policy when booking a reservation.

"This is standard practice as most guests want to ensure that they are not overdressed, or underdressed, when making a reservation or walking in."

As for the side bags, Jeffrey tells blogTO that their Director of Security, who has been with the restaurant "since day one," has always enforced a strict "no side bag" policy, and that guests are free check bags, along with their coats, at the door.

You can visit Marbl for yourself at 455 King West. Just remember to leave your side bags and swimsuits at home.

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